Our Philosophy

If someone has a plan, and persists when life throws them off course, they will prosper.

This isn’t a game. It’s your life. In this abundant world, what defines prosperity for you? Financial independence – of course. Yet our clients express it as so much more – Flexibility, Peace, Margin, Leisure and Generosity. What return are you getting on your life?

Since 1996, we have been helping clients define the best life possible. We bring order to financial matters, impart understanding and insight so that their decisions are rooted in logic rather than emotion, and we help them navigate life’s key transitions.


Our strategy-based approach takes you through a range of possibilities to optimally attain your goals.

Life brings opportunity and risk. A plan helps enrich opportunities and minimize or even avoid financial harm.

We start by focusing on Qualitative elements. This allows us to get to know you, understand your goals and values and identify your roadblocks or frustrations. We also discover how you define prosperity.

Then we organize and shape the Quantitative elements – your data and numbers – into a plan that maximizes opportunities and minimizes taxes. Here, your goals take shape and puzzles are solved. You will gain confidence that you are on the right path or be equipped with action steps to improve your trajectory.


An effective plan anticipates potential disruptions and strategizes for maximum adaptability.

When life deviates from your plan – and it will –  the contingencies built into the plan help you creatively adjust and persist through life’s hurdles.

Persistence also means following through on recommendations or attending to a myriad of tasks. We excel in putting those tasks into prioritized, manageable bites. Clients appreciate the option of being given a priority or two at a time rather than being overwhelmed with a large task list.

Clients have the option of delegating many of the tasks back to us for completion which frees up their time for meaningful endeavors.


Prosperity is the harvest of your planning and persistence. Financial security, even affluence, are common measures of success. Let’s also make sure you prosper in enjoyment along the way. 

Naturally we want you to achieve and maintain financial independence, being self-supporting to life’s end with a comfortable remainder to pass along to the people you love or the causes you cherish.

Because life’s end is probably a long time away, we also help our clients define and discover other forms of prosperity along their life’s journey rather than regarding it only as a distant and sometimes elusive dream.

Interim prosperity can emerge as a sense of balance and peace or generating margin in your schedule. We help bring that about with a solid plan, making sure important documents are current and organized and that financial tasks are completed or delegated. This frees up your time to stay healthy, connect to who and what you value, and enjoy your leisure time.

Are you ready to plan, persist and prosper?