About Our Company

There are times when change is vital. We stay at the leading edge of technology, work processes and financial strategies.

Unchanged are our founding principles. We remain true to:

  • Acting as a Fiduciary by putting your interests first. Always. No hat switching.
  • Fee-Only compensation, exclusively and without exception.
  • Commission-free. We work for our clients, not a financial products company.
  • Independence. We are not a corporate captive.
  • Advocating for client excellence. We want you to experience a superior life journey.

We help clients live ready for opportunities, make optimal choices and build prosperous harmony in their family, work and finances.


Who We Are

Susan E. Pack CPA/PFS, CFP®

It is gratifying to help clients navigate life. Each situation is unique and inspiring. I recall helping an older couple update their estate planning and learned that they began their married life by setting aside extra savings just in case something came along. One day it did. A friend of theirs was starting a business and invited them to be early investors in what later became a well-known, international, publicly traded company. Because they had surplus capital they decided to take on this high risk and it worked out very well for them. They were able to enjoy funding their charitable interests in ways they never thought possible.

For most of us the opportunities won’t be so grand, but they will appear. Opportunity strategizing drew me into financial planning. Working as a CPA for a major law firm in the Estate, Trust and Tax Group, I saw how lives were ending, financially speaking, and became curious about the decisions people made along the way. Why, for example, would two brothers who were equal partners in business have such different estates? What did each brother value during life that informed their choices along the way? I learned that all estates, even monetarily modest ones, can reflect an individual’s definition of prosperity.

The driving force for me professionally became helping clients ascertain and achieve their own prosperity. I furthered my education in financial planning and investments, worked for a large fee-only planning firm and tackled the CFP® and PFS professional exams. In 1996 I launched Pomeroy Financial Planning.

Susan Pack

Susan E. Pack, CPA/PFS, CFP®

My outside interests often gravitate to personal finance and led to long-time volunteer teaching on budgeting and financial awareness for a non-profit workforce preparedness organization. I was awarded their volunteer speaker award and went on to serve as a Board Member and Treasurer. I have also served as Treasurer for a local judicial campaign and as a group leader for Financial Peace University.

Personally, spending time with family and friends is my joy. My husband and I are working our way through the 1,020 acres of the Cincinnati Nature Center. I believe that dogs and horses are some of life’s great treasures. Like you, I’m more complex and diverse than that but it’s a start for getting acquainted.

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